Artistic Travel Journaling Is My Passion

Back in 1977, Lola and I were putting together a trip to Europe. I was planning to take along French Easel, watercolor paper, backing board, supplies, etc., knowing that the bulkiness of all this equipment, not to mention the 4 to 6 hours I'd have to block out to do a watercolor, would limit my efforts to just one or two paintings during the course of our two-week trip.

One day, however, while visiting a couple who had just returned from a trip to Russia. the husband showed me sketches and paintings he had done in a little six-by-nine inch sketchbook, and his watercolor kit, which was about the size of a cigarette pack.  A revelation! I changed my equipment plans, and duplicated the setup he had shown me. When we arrived at our hotel in Budapest, I did a quick sketch (reproduced at left), painted it while Lola was freshening up, and... I was hooked! And there was this unexpected bonus: Today I can relive every exciting detail of that trip over three decades ago -- train rides, dinners, sights, smells, sounds, experiences, merely by opening the pages of that journal.

It was the first of eighteen (and counting) journals I have produced in the course of subsequent trips, tours, and workshops taught.

My most recent journaling adventure was a 12-day workshop to Hanoi, Vietnam, in November, 2007.

To the delight of one and all, it was a resounding success, and  a follow-up Cambodia/Vietnam workshop, is scheduled for February 2009.

Journals & Journeys: The Tradition of the Travel Journal and
The Exotic Beauty of Cambodia and Southern Vietnam (with optional extension to Northern Vietnam
with Lewis Barrett Lehrman
You are invited to participate.
For more information, and to view itinerary and pricing, click here.

Some years ago, I began noticing the pages of my earliest journals becoming yellowed and worn, especially from handling during my classes and workshops. I resolved then to scan every page and print out complete journals. Now, students in my many journaling classes and workshops frequently purchase copies for their own pleasure and encouragement.

Prints of my journal pages may be ordered individually, at $6.00 each. Minimum 5 pages.
Loose pages ordered will be sent in a handsome presentation folder.

Orders for complete journals will be signed on the title page, and furnished in a durable loose-leaf binder.

Please add $8.00 for postage and handling for any loose pages order.
Add $10.00 for shipping complete journal.

CLICK A COLORED UNDERLINED LISTING TO GO TO THAT PAGE. As for the others, please contact me.

Journal Destinations Pages Complete
1 Budapest, Vienna, Venice, Innsbruck, Salzberg, Vienna (1977) 39 $195.00
2 Israel (1979) 40 200.00
3 Israel (1980) 23 115.00
4 Spain, Portugal, Morocco (1996) 20 100.00
5 Singapore, Bangkok, Bali, Hong Kong (1998) 14 75.00
6 Russia (1998) 22 + article 135.00
7 Switzerland, Tuscany (1999) 26 130.00
8 China, Bangkok (2000) 23 115.00
9 Eastern US (2000) 17 95.00
10 Oklahoma Arts Institute Journaling Workshop (2001 & subsequent) 20 100.00
10.1 California (2001) 19

(Not yet

11 Tuscany and Venice Journaling Workshop (2002) 31 150.00
12 Cambodia, Thailand (2002) 14 75.00
13 Chiang Mai, Thailand (2002-3) 17 95.00
14 Prague, Budapest, Danube River, Romania, Transylvania (2004) 19 105.00
15 Guadalajara (2005) 15 80.00
16 Peru (2005) 14 75.00
17 Hawaii (2007) 12 65.00
18 Vietnam Journaling workshop (2007)
FOR FREE DOWNLOAD of the 16 page story about this exciting trip, which appeared in the Spring 2008 Workshop Magazine,  please click here.
28 120.00

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